Panopto for 2021-22

In 2020 we learned new ways to use Panopto, going beyond event capture and creating stand-alone video resources for flipped learning, demonstrations, inductions and more. These resources are a valuable component of blended learning, and can be used alongside face to face teaching to help students prepare for lectures or recap in their own time. But there are a few things to consider when using Panopto in this way.

Active learning

Video on its own is a passive method of learning, but with just a few prompts, and by making use of the tools in Panopto itself, it can be turned into an active experience where students engage more with the content.

See our handout on active learning using Panopto (PDF).


Our video resources need to be as accessible as possible. Panopto creates automatic captions, but they are rarely perfect, and in the time available 100% accurate edited captions may be unrealistic.

Read our tips to help give students the best experience with captions (PDF).

Folders and permissions

With event capture it was simple – the lecture recording went in the relevant module run folder and only those students needed to see it. Now you may want to present the same recording each year, or to more than one module, or even to people who cannot access Blackboard. There is no single answer for how best to do these things, but understanding how folders and permissions work in Panopto will help you make the right choices. See our handouts on folders, permissions and some tips on using them.

Folders (PDF)

Permissions (PDF)

Tips (PDF)


Photo by Bianca from Pexels