Panopto on a lectern PC routine

Following these tips should help your Panopto experience go smoothly.

Turn on the pc

Usually moving the mouse brings the screen to life and clicking on the mouse brings up the sign-in screen. If there is no reaction, search for a power button, either on the pc, if you can access this, or on the side of the screen. If there are no signs of life, contact ITS on extension 123.

PowerPoint on desktop

Screenshot of Windows 10 start menu. The tiles in the Start Menu, under the UWE Bristol heading, include one called "This PC".

On Windows 10 you need to go to the Windows button and click on either H drive or This PC.


A shortcut to Panopto should be on the desktop. If not, contact ITS on extension 123.

Make sure the ‘Remember me’ option is ticked at the sign-in screen.

When open, go through the following steps:

  1. Select the module you are recording to.
  2. Consider the name – we do not recommend overriding the date stamp; just type a name in front of this.
  3. Check the video source selected is the one you want to use. For lecture capture most rooms in Q block have now got a Microsoft Life Cam, but some Dazzles remain. Sometimes the names make no sense, so use common sense to see what is shown in the recording window. Do not use AverVision.
  4. Check the audio source by speaking/clapping. The microphone will usually be a USB Audio Device. If there is no reaction to clapping then it is not the right source – check if there are any signs on the desk to use a lapel mic. If you have time, do a test recording to determine the level of microphone sensitivity required. When speaking, the sound bar should stay in green, possibly go into yellow but avoid going into the red area.
  5. Leave Quality at Standard. The gains from this are not significant.
  6. If you are using PowerPoint, tick Capture PowerPoint.
  7. If you are going to use any other sources such as websites, Excel etc, leave ‘Capture main screen’ checked. (Steps 1-5 cannot be done whilst recording.)

Using the visualiser (document camera)

  1. If you are using the visualiser, click on ‘Add another video source’ and select either the INOGENI driver or the XI100… driver.
  2. Change the resolution to 1280 x 720, slide the fps setting up to 30 and click on ‘Apply’ in the lower right hand corner.
  3. As long as the secondary video source in step 1 above is selected, the function box on the podium controls when the visualiser is recorded. To record the visualiser, select the document camera/visualiser option on the box. This will send the feed to the projector screen.
  4. In rooms with more than one projector screen it is a little complicated as sometimes it is the feed to the left projector’s screen that Panopto picks up, sometimes it is the right screen. In rooms with more than one projector screen, either do a thorough test, or use both screens for the projector.
  5. Finally, do not use the AverVision software.


You could simply open the PowerPoint presentation from the desktop or, if you wish, use the ‘Open a presentation’ button in Panopto.

Screenshot showing the text "PowerPoint is not running" over a button labelled "Open a Presentation".

If you cannot see this on the black part of the Panopto screen, it is likely you are looking at the wrong tab. Each source you add (such as PowerPoint, Main Screen, Additional video sources) all get a separate input tab, so select the PowerPoint tab to get to the above mentioned button.

Screenshot showing PowerPoint tab

Remember to record

It is almost better to start the recording and simply pause it whilst getting ready for the lecture, as it records even if you forget to turn it back on.


  • There is no video/sound options that does anything.
    • IT probably needs to check cabling.
  • If IT come to do any cable work the ‘remembered’ settings are affected and the latest ‘gadget’ connected takes over the audio or video driver. Always check drivers after any IT cabling.
  • There is no INOGENIE or XI100 driver for secondary source.
    • It can have a different name; check what other options are available.
  • There are only two video drivers and both are called INOGENIE or XI100, which one to choose?
    • Test to see which one brings up the camera in the camera window.
  • The lapel mic is in a safe!
    • You will need a code to open this. Ask the IT helpdesk for the details.