Panopto recordings – The safe and effective way to include YouTube content

Note: embedded YouTube videos in Panopto do not currently work on a mobile phone

If you’re using Panopto to make videos for your students, you’ll be pleased to hear that Panopto provides a safe and effective way to include YouTube content.


Using the ‘Add a YouTube video’ button (accessed in editor mode after you’ve made your recording), you can add links to YouTube content at any point in your recording. You can also use this tool to specify a start and end point if you only want to show a section of a YouTube video.

See our video Adding YouTube content to your Panopto recording for step by step instructions.
Transcript: Adding YouTube content

Why do it this way?

It’s safe

Remember, while it may be permissible to show YouTube material for educational purposes, you must not capture YouTube content in your recordings, which is why this tool is so valuable.  To viewers, it may look like the YouTube content is part of your recording, but it isn’t. Viewers are actually watching the YouTube material direct from the source (YouTube) resulting in a learning resource that is copyright compliant.

It provides an excellent experience for your students

When you use this tool, the YouTube content automatically plays and, when it ends, your recording will continue from exactly where it left off –and all rather seamlessly.  This makes for a great experience for your students as they will view the YouTube content instantly, without clicking and, crucially, without navigating away from your recording.

See our video What do students see when you add YouTube content to your Panopto recording? for a preview.
Transcript: What do students see

Things to consider

Plan before you record

When making lecture capture recordings, ensure you pause Panopto while YouTube content is playing.  You can then use the ‘Add a YouTube video’ button to add this content to your recording afterwards.

When making desktop recordings, there is no need for you to play YouTube content while you’re recording.  Simply, introduce the video, record a few seconds of silence (to ensure a smooth transition between your speech and the YouTube content that you will add later), then continue to record as if your students have just watched the YouTube video or clip.


Any resource containing links to external material must be checked periodically to ensure that the links still work and that the content is still available.



We recommend that all staff attend the training course Getting Started With Event Capture (Panopto) delivered by the Learning and Development Centre (LDC). This course includes how to add a link to YouTube content.

In addition to LDC training, FET staff can contact the LIU ( for further support or guidance regarding using this tool. Together, we can discuss your ideas and ensure that your learning resource deploys YouTube content safely and effectively.


To learn more about how copyright may affect your teaching practice, visit the UWE Library page Copyright and teaching.

Image credit: “YouTube” by Aurelien BLAHA is licensed under CC BY