Play and Peer Learning: ideas from beyond the campus

As part of UWE’s Festival of Learning, the LIU offered a number of sessions on the theme of ‘Playfulness and creativity’.

‘Play and Peer Learning: ideas from beyond the campus’ was an interview with Zahra Davidson, Chief Exec & Design Director of peer learning organisation Huddlecraft. In it, we considered how ideas of playfulness, creativity, peer learning and inclusive community could enhance the student experience in a university setting.

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Key points

  • Memorable experiences: playfulness and novelty can create more memorable learning experiences and more creative thought processes. For example, using a different method of delivery, or working in a different location.
  • Peer delivery: involving students in the delivery of sessions can bring more variety and different perspectives, lead to more play and creativity, and be more inclusive – thus increasing engagement.
  • Overarching learning question: having a personal ‘lens’ through which to approach your learning can increase motivation and give a personal context to learning.
  • Accountability: working in small groups makes you more visible, which can increase motivation and make learning less passive; students become responsible for their own learning journey.
  • Inclusivity: a diverse and inclusive core team leads to diversity and inclusion throughout the learning community.
  • Authentic skills: in a peer learning group where everyone is learner and teacher, skills are developed such as giving constructive feedback, engaging an audience, collaboration and interpersonal skills.

How could you use these ideas in your course?

There are lots of ways of creating memorable, student-led learning experiences. See our previous posts on:

or contact the LIU if you would like help designing your sessions.