Playlists in Panopto

You can combine multiple Panopto videos from the same or from different folders into a playlist.

In the Panopto Cloud, click on the ‘Create’ dropdown at the top and select ‘Playlist’.

Screenshot of Playlist option under 'Create' dropdown

Enter a name for the playlist, choose the folder you want it to live in, add an optional description and click on ‘Create’.

Screenshot of Create Playlist options

Be careful if you decide to choose a folder that is different from the one containing your videos, or if your videos are from multiple folders. You may need to change the access permissions so that your audience can see all the videos in the playlist (see Sharing and Access below).

Next you need to add videos to the list. When you click on the ‘Add Videos’ button you will have the option to choose from the folders you have access to, and can select videos from different folders.

Screenshot of Add Videos button

Choose your videos by putting a tick against them, then click ‘Add’ at the bottom of the list.

Screenshot of selecting videos to add to the list

You can then drag and drop to reorder them.

Screenshot of dragging and dropping items in the list to reorder them

To return to these options later and edit your list, find your playlist in the folder you saved it to and choose Settings.

Screenshot of Settings button

Note there is no Edit option. To edit individual videos you would do so in the normal way by locating them in their folder or clicking on the Edit pencil icon while viewing them.

Sharing and access

You can get a link or embed code for your playlist, and edit the access permissions, in exactly the same way as for a single video, by clicking the Share button or selecting it from the tab on the left when editing the list details.

Screenshot of 'sharing options

However, if the individual videos on your list have more restricted permissions, and you want them to be viewable by everyone who has access to the playlist, there is one more step. Go to Access on the left, and click on ‘Synchronize Access’.

Viewing the videos

When someone clicks on a link to view the playlist, they will initially see a black sidebar listing all the videos. This will disappear once the first video starts playing. However, students can return to it to skip videos or go back to previous ones by clicking on the playlist icon at the top.

Screenshot of student view of playlist

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Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash