Put it on the tab

We’ve made a change to this website. Following digital accessibility guidelines, links to other sites now open in the same tab. We’ve done this to reduce confusion for screenreader users and others with visual impairments and certain neurodiverse conditions.

But if you like to open new content in a separate tab or window, it’s very easy to do. Just right-click on the link, and choose how you want the link to open.

Screenshot of options for opening a link

Alternatively you can use shortcut keys:

Ctrl+Left-click – opens in new tab (but focus stays in current tab)

Ctrl+Shift+Left-click – opens in new tab (and switches to new tab)

Shift+Left-click – opens in new window

Contact us at fet.liu@uwe.ac.uk if you have any questions about the website or if you have suggestions to make it more accessible.

More about Accessibility


Photo by ahmad syahrir from Pexels