Recording using PowerPoint

In this video Dr Emma Bean shows us how PowerPoint may become your new best friend for producing your recorded lectures.

The benefits of using PowerPoint to record lectures compared to Panopto include:

  • students only need to focus on one screen
  • you can appear ‘in’ the slides
  • the ability to easily record one slide at a time
  • if you make a mistake, only that slide will need re-recording
  • update the layout or content on a slide without re-recording the narration
  • reuse individual narrated slides in different presentations

Just remember…

  • don’t narrate over slide transitions
  • the file sizes are quite large
  • upload the final video to Panopto to generate captions

FETLIU have also produced the guide Recording presentations in PowerPoint.

The transcript is available here: Recording using PowerPoint

This content was produced by Dr Emma Bean.

Image courtesy of Pexels.