Recording your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

If you attend or deliver a session which contributes to your Continuing Professional Development (a workshop or conference, for example) it’s a good idea to keep a record of your involvement so that you can refer back to it at a later date. You might want to refer to it in your annual PDR (Performance and Development Review) with your line manager, for example, or when applying for HEA Fellowship status. If you are well organised you probably already do this, either on paper or on your computer. Many of us aren’t so well organised, however.

CPD Framework for UWE staff

With Marie-Annick Gournet (UWE’s Learning for All Hub Leader) I have recently used PebblePad to develop a system to help members of staff record their involvement in CPD sessions, which can be used to work towards an application to become an HEA Fellow.

Using the system involves filling in parts of a ‘General CPD Session’ online form summarising what you learned in the session and linking your learning to the three dimensions of the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF).

Dimensions of Professional Practice with HE teaching and learning support
The UKPSF outlines the Dimensions of Professional Practice with HE teaching and learning support as:

  • Areas of Activity (As) undertaken by teachers and support staff
  • Core Knowledge (Ks) needed to carry out those activities at the appropriate level
  • Professional Values (Vs) that individuals performing these activities should exemplify.
areas of activity
Excerpt from the General CPD Session online form. Click to enlarge image.

Each of these dimensions is broken down into several areas, making 15 areas in total. So in the ‘General CPD Session’ online form there are 15 corresponding areas to complete – though you are unlikely to be able to complete all areas after a single CPD session unless it was a particularly amazing session!

For each CPD session you attend you should make a new instance of the ‘General CDP Session’ form and fill out whichever areas you can. Ideally you are seeking to make sure every sentence you write can be evidence of at least one of the As, Ks or Vs, and ultimately to make sure that you have something for each of the 15 areas. In this way you can, over time, build up a record of your CPD and use these records to complete an HEA Fellowship application (by simply cutting and pasting them into the HEA’s official online application form).

Evidencing Areas of Activity

For each of the five Areas of Activity in the UKPSF you also need to write about 100 words evidencing that you have met the stated criteria for the area. The system developed in PebblePad helps you to do this too. There is an online form for each of the five Areas of Activity which includes the HEA criteria and atext box to write your evidence in.

Lastly, to complete your application to the HEA you also need to provide two supporting references from an experienced member of staff. The system in PebblePad helps here too, with another online form to fill in where you can attach your two references.

Feedback on draft applications

You might appreciate some guidance on how best to write your application for HEA Fellowship and have someone look over and provide feedback on your draft application before you submit it to HEA. You can submit a draft application and Marie-Annick (or other selected members of staff) will give you feedback to help make sure the final application you submit is as good as it can be.

How to get started on the CPD Framework

  1. Go to PebblePad (there’s a button on the welcome page of Blackboard or use this link to the PebblePad login page)
  2. Go to the ATLAS Dashboard (click the blue ATLAS icon at the top left of the screen when logged in to PebblePad)
  3. search for CPD FrameworkIn the search box enter ‘CPD Framework’ without the quotes. This will provide you with a link to the workspace which, when clicked, will open the workspace About page.
  4. subscribe to workspaceClick the ‘Subscribe to workspace’ button in the top left corner.
  5. Now return to PebblePad and in your Resources store you will find all the online forms you will need.
CPD Framework forms in PebblePad Resources store
All the forms you will need to prepare your HEA Fellowship application