SafeAssign file limits

While a Blackboard submission point can accept file sizes of up to 100MB, they will not be processed by SafeAssign unless they are below 10MB.

This is because SafeAssign is designed for use on text documents, which usually have fairly small file sizes. However, a document with just a few high-resolution images may go over the 10MB limit.


1. Ask your students to compress the images

Get your students into the habit of being aware of the size of their files and knowing how to optimise them. If your assignment is one where the quality of the images is not critical, encourage them to compress images to save file space.

2. Ask your students to provide images in a separate document

If your assignment requires a lot of images, or particularly high-quality ones, consider asking for them in a separate file. Both files should be submitted at the same time to the submission point. The text document should include the figure numbers in the appropriate places.

3. Let students submit in the usual way and re-run the report yourself

You will need to make a copy of the document and remove the images from it. The resulting file will be much smaller and can be manually run through SafeAssign using Direct Submit.

See UWE guidance on using SafeAssign.


Photo by Ravi Kant from Pexels