Session Study Plans

Students will get the most from their in-class session if they are able to prepare for it in advance. In FET, this preparation is supported by the use of Session Study Plans.

Session Study Plans have been used in FET since September 2019. They are a checklist of what to provide in advance of a class and they support staff to be creative about how to provide materials that go beyond simply uploading lecture slides ahead of a session (for example getting students to answer questions or watch a video).

They support the “prepare” element of the 3Ps framework as they encourage a more participative and active approach to students’ session preparation, by enabling staff to give students information about what they will be studying in a session and how to prepare for it. This preparation gives students the confidence and motivation to participate in the session (the second element of the 3Ps framework) and it supports them to practice their knowledge and skills in projects, assessments and external activities.

Staff across the faculty use Session Study Plans in a range of ways, including taking a weekly or thematic approach to their module rather than always preparing one for each individual session. It doesn’t matter what format they are in (Word document, PowerPoint slide, video, or Blackboard Lesson Plan tool) – as long as they are accessible, and cover the areas listed in the template.

Download the Session Study Plan template (Word document)

Download instructions for the Blackboard Lesson Plan tool (Word document)

You can also download an example Word document of the template in use on the third year module Climate Change and Environmental Hazards.

This simple use of the 3Ps framework supports academic success for ALL students and enhances the inclusivity of our learning and teaching in FET.


With thanks to Wendy Woodland and Judith Ritchie.

Photo by Skylar Kang from Pexels