Setting up folders in Panopto for assessment purposes

If you are planning to use Panopto to record student assessments, then you MUST set up a separate folder in Panopto for these recordings. If you do not, the recordings will sit in the main module run folder and any student enrolled on the module run will potentially be able to view the recordings. This could constitute a data protection breach.

For comprehensive guidance, please refer to the Using Panopto to record assessment activity Xerte resource.

Step by step instructions for setting up an assessment folder in Panopto

  1. Sign into the Panopto dashboard:
  2. Click Browse, then choose the relevant module run from the list of modules you’re attached to (see screenshot below).
    Location of Browse button in Panopto dashboard
  3. In the relevant module folder, click on the ‘cog’ icon  Location of cog icon to access folder settings (Folder Settings) in the top right hand corner.
  4. Then click Create Assignment Folder (see screenshot below).
    Location of the Create assignment folder button
  5. When you have created the folder, you will need to edit the title to include the prefix ‘ASSESS’, followed by the module name. This helps recorders identify the correct folder. To do this you will have to click the x in the top right hand corner (see screenshot below).
    Location of the x to close the window
  6. Then click on the folder you just created.
    Location of the created assignments folder
  7. Select the cog icon (Folder Settings) within this folder and select Edit to edit the name (see screenshot below).
    Location of the edit button to update the name of the folder
  8. Type in ASSESS as a prefix to the module name and then click on Save and close the window.
    Text box to update the name of the folder
  9. Return to the Panopto dashboard and click Browse. Click the arrow next to the relevant module run to show the ASSESS sub-folder.
    Location of the Assess folder in the Panopto module folder