Slime in the spotlight at CSCT Open Forum

CSCT Open Forum is a student-led monthly event
Anyone (staff or student) could come up with a topic and talk. The usual format of Open Forum is that the speaker talks for 18 minutes followed by discussion for 12 minutes and thereafter,  an opportunity to network for about 20 minutes. The talks are recorded and could be used in teaching and research where applicable. Open Forum, as the title suggests  is quite ‘open’ and flexible in terms of the format, structure and topics. If you have an idea to explore, or a topic to share or perhaps a finding of a research to disseminate, you could be the next speaker at the CSCT Open Forum! For details contact

PhySense – unique fusion of living and digital technology

Rather than focusing on traditional laboratory based experimentation the PhySense project enables the general public (Citizen Scientists) to conduct biological experiments and share their experimental results. Watch the talk below by Neil Phillips, Senior Research Fellow.


See flow chart below for details:

Flow chart comparing traditional academic research process with scientific advancement augmented by Citizen Scientists

History has shown (whatever the field of science) discoveries can be made by amateur as well as professional scientists. Now is an especially productive and exciting time for Citizen Scientists. Not only are new discoveries appearing all the time, but the internet, powerful computers, and access to research tools professionals of just a few decades ago could only dream of.’s discussion forum has over 3,500 members, sharing tips for experiments and equipment. The Slime Mould Collective is a portal for Citizen Scientists interested in research working with slime. Globally, there over 40 formal DIY biology groups.

The PhySense website (no longer available) provided example experiments which people could try. For example, which cereal does slime most enjoy for breakfast and how nature solves a maze.

Image credit: Club-shaped Slime Mould flickr photo by treegrow shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license