Student-led Teams meetings

One of the great things about Teams over Blackboard Collaborate is that it allows students to organise themselves independently. It gives them the power to set up meetings, come together … Read more

Using Groups in Blackboard

You can create groups of students in your Blackboard course. This can be useful for facilitating group work, providing different materials to different students, or dividing your class up for administrative purposes.


A wiki is simply a website on which users can easily create and edit web pages and edit the content (text, images, hyperlinks etc.) on those pages. They are good for group and project work where students are asked to work together to plan, develop or present their work.

mindmap about wikis

Finding out more about wikis in education

A wiki is a website where users can easily add, edit and delete content without specialist software or technical knowledge. Users can create new wiki pages and link them to others, and they can edit existing pages, including those created by other learners.