Technical support in the classroom

Knowing who to contact if you experience any technical difficulties in the classroom can save you considerable time and minimise any disruption to teaching, especially at the start of a new term.

Preventative measures

If you are teaching in rooms you are unfamiliar with or using technology you have not previously used, we would recommend visiting the room in advance of your first session to familiarise yourself both with the setup and the equipment in the room.

For example, if using Panopto, we would recommend doing a quick test recording to check the microphone levels and, if using the camera, take a note of the area that can be seen in the recording.

Another benefit of a test session is that any settings you choose for the setup on that particular podium pc will be saved with your login, potentially saving you time on the day of the first lecture.

On the day

Should you be in need of technical support in the classroom on the day, the quickest way to get support is to either call 123 from the podium phone, or 0117 328 3612 from your mobile phone. The numbers can be found on the room information posters in the room, together with the numbers for the Facilities Helpdesk and Security.

The calls go straight to the central IT Helpdesk, who will pass it on to the relevant local IT support. All calls from a classroom get priority and will be dealt with as quickly as possible, and this saves you time queuing at the Helpdesk to get support, especially during those first busy weeks of term.

Reporting faults

If you do come across a fault in the classroom, please do take time to report it to ITS, either by phone or by email to, so that the room is fully functional for future sessions.