Three ways to add quizzes and interactivity to Panopto recordings

If you want to add some interactivity to your Panopto recordings, consider adding a quiz to get students thinking about the material they have just watched.

Panopto Quizzes

Panopto has its own quiz function and this is the simplest way to add some interactivity to your recordings. To add a quiz, first find the recording you want to add it to and go into edit mode.

Choose the point in your video where you want to add the quiz. Click on ‘Quizzes’ on the left, and then on ‘Add a Quiz’ at the top.

Screenshot of Panopto quiz menu

A quiz form will come up. You have four options for the type of question; Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, Fill In The Blank or True/False. Choose your question type from the dropdown on the right. Once you have put in the details you can either click on ‘Add a question’ or ‘Done’.

For more information about the question types and viewing the results, see our article on Adding Quizzes in Panopto.


Note: links to Mentimeter do not currently work on a mobile phone

Alternatively, you can create an audience-paced Mentimeter presentation and add a link to it in Panopto. You will not be able to see how individual students answered, but you will get the combined responses, which can help you identify where there are common problems.

For information on setting up the Mentimeter presentation, see these articles on this site:

Once you have set up the Mentimeter slides, you need to create the link in the Panopto video. For students to give their responses, you will need the ‘Share voting link’. Copy the voting link from your Mentimeter presentation.

  1. In Panopto, go to edit mode.
  2. Choose where in the video you want the Mentimeter poll to be.
  3. Click on the web link icon below the table of contents on the left of the screen.
  4. Give your link a title, paste in the voting link URL you have copied and press Save.
  5. Remember to click on ‘Apply’ when you have finished all your editing.

When students watch the video, at the point where you have added the link the webpage will come up on the main section of their screen. They can interact with it just like they would in a browser. They just need to press play once they’ve finished to resume the video.

Do students see the results?

This is up to you. You can change the settings in Mentimeter.

You can add another web link to your Panopto video if you want to show the results page later in the session. Just copy the results link instead of the voting link and add it in the same way.


Note: links to Xerte do not currently work on a mobile phone

You can also create quizzes and lots of other kinds of online interactivity using Xerte and add them to your video using a link in the same way as described above for Mentimeter.

This is a rather more involved way to add interactivity to your Panopto recordings but it does allow a much greater range of types of interactivity to be included. For more information see the articles on this website about Xerte and get in touch with the LIU for further guidance and help via the contact details below.

If you want to know more, email us at


Image by Tumisu from Pixabay