Interactive timelines your students will love

Do you have a timeline of content you’d like students to engage with – but you’d like to make it a bit more interesting than a simple list of dates and text? Maybe you’d like maps, images, videos and web links to bring the content to life, perhaps to show the history of women in computing, a century of urban planning, or the history of sustainability. If so, an interactive timeline might be just the way to present it and, crucially, it might help them to make sense of and remember a series of events over time.

There are a few technical steps (involving publishing a Google Spreadsheet to the web and generating some HTML code to paste into Blackboard) but it really doesn’t take long to make a beautiful interactive timeline your students will love. The most time-consuming part is pulling the content together that you want to show to your students, though if you already have a list of dates and accompanying text descriptions you are a long way there already.

There’s a handy video below showing how to do it and you’ll find full instructions on making the timeline on the KnightLabs website. If you need help, Oli Haslam in the LIU will be happy to assist.