Uploading videos to Panopto

You may need to provide students with videos that have not been recorded in Panopto, for example if material has been provided by a guest lecturer. This may be a narrated PowerPoint, a downloaded webinar, or a video captured in Kaltura or other software. You can still use Panopto to present the video to students on Blackboard.

Why use Panopto?

  • There is more storage space in the Panopto cloud than there is on Blackboard. The Panopto tool on Blackboard provides a link to the file stored in the Panopto cloud, rather than having such large files stored in Blackboard itself.
  • You are still in control of a file stored in your Panopto cloud. If you provide a link to a video on YouTube, that video may be taken down and the link would not work. This is the correct approach where you do not own the video or have specific permission to use it. But if you have been provided a recording by a guest lecturer that must be kept available to students, uploading it in Panopto will ensure that it does not disappear unexpectedly.
  • You can edit uploaded videos in the same way as videos recorded in Panopto.

How to upload

You will need a downloaded copy of the video. This may have been sent to you via file sharing such as OneDrive, or downloaded from another source such as Vimeo or YouTube. Please make sure you have permission to download the video and share it with your students.

Go to the Panopto cloud and log in with your usual UWE details if asked (if it gives you the option, make sure you use the Blackboard sign in). At the top of the page you should see a ‘Create’ button.

Screenshot of Create button

This opens a dropdown menu which includes the option ‘Upload Media’. Click on this.

Choose the folder where you want to add the file. This will probably be the relevant module folder, so that you can make the recording available to students through Blackboard. Then add your video file from your computer.

The file will be processed, and you will get an email when it is complete. Then you can go in and edit just as with a normal Panopto recording, and make it available on Blackboard in the usual way.

For more information, see Desktop recording (using Panopto).


Photo by Van Tay Media on Unsplash