Using Clips in Panopto

Clips allow you to insert one Panopto video into another. They work a bit like YouTube clips, in that the initial video will pause, the clip will play, and the original video will resume. However, this method is for recordings already in your Panopto Cloud. For example, you might record a series of demonstrations to add in to a topic introduction. Or you may just need to add some content that you previously left out.

Do not upload YouTube videos that you are not the owner of to Panopto. See our article on adding YouTube clips  instead.

To add a clip:

  • select where you would like to place it in the recording using the playhead (red vertical line),
  • click on the Plus icon,
  • select ‘Add a clip’.

Screenshot of adding a clip

Choose your video by putting a tick against it, then click ‘Insert’ at the bottom of the list. You can insert multiple clips within one video, but not a clip within a clip.

You can delete a clip from the Contents table. You can also edit the start time of the clip from here.

Screenshot of clip entry in contents list with option to edit or delete.

If you want to edit anything in the clip, you will need to go back to the original recording to do so. Any changes will be reflected in the inserted clip.

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Photo by Mae Mu on Unsplash