Using Collaborate Ultra for one-to-one sessions

The term ‘webinar’ is perhaps mostly associated with meeting with a group of people, however the technology used for webinars can also be used very effectively as a way of facilitating one to one sessions, such as feedback sessions, or vivas.

A webinar space is really a meeting place where two or more people meet, but one advantage of using Collaborate Ultra instead of, for example, Skype, is that if there is a requirement to record the session, Collaborate Ultra can capture a presentation, a whiteboard, voice and text chat in one recording.

This could be particularly useful in situations where, for example, two markers would otherwise have needed to be present in order to mark a viva, or if the student would like to play back a feedback recording closer to exam time as part of their revision strategy.

The sessions can be run with or without webcams, and with or without a presentation, as the whiteboard can be used as a background, and used to scribble down notes if needed.

If doing multiple sessions, we would recommend the use of a slide with the student’s details and the date on it, in order to avoid confusion.

The recordings do not automatically get published to Blackboard, but you can obtain the guest link to the session and share that with anyone involved. However, by its very nature, a guest link will allow anyone with that link and a Blackboard login to view the recording.

Depending on the equipment used, a headset with a microphone is strictly speaking not always needed, especially if there are only two participants, but they do improve the sound quality. Alternatively, a set of hands-free headphones, which often come with mobile phones, can also be used, as these tend to have excellent microphones.

It is possible for either or both parties to use a mobile device, but we would still recommend that the moderator or presenter of the session uses a cabled connection for stability.