Using Mentimeter in and out of the classroom

Mentimeter for Teaching Part 1. This series of articles explores how Mentimeter can be used to enrich the student experience and boost engagement.
Part 2: Active Learning with Mentimeter
Part 3: Using Mentimeter to check progress

For more help, see Getting started with Mentimeter

UWE now has a site licence for Mentimeter, which means not only is it cleared for GDPR purposes, but there is single sign-on, unlimited questions and the ability to export data.

For those who have never used it before, it’s very easy to pick up and has some great features such as word clouds, competitions, and a variety of ways of ranking or judging statements or even images.

Mentimeter is:

  • Online – can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • BYOD – students bring their own devices (phones, tablets) so no need to hand out clickers.
  • Anonymous – students feel confident to ask questions, try to answer quizzes and give honest opinions.

See our article Getting started with Mentimeter for how to create a basic poll.

Synchronous and asynchronous use

Using Mentimeter in real time during a lecture or workshop is a very smooth experience, with results instantly feeding in and appearing on the presenter’s screen in whatever format you have chosen.  This could be a scrolling list of open text responses, multiple choice answers as a bar or pie chart, or a word cloud. It’s easy to set up a presentation; you could even add or edit questions during the lecture.

But it can also be used outside of the class, perhaps as preparation before a lecture or for feedback afterwards. Use the link or QR code to share a longer term poll as the voting code will expire (see how to get the voting link here). Note you will need to change your slides to Audience pace under the Configure options.

The video in this article from Canterbury Christ Church shows how one lecturer has successfully used Mentimeter in and out of class.

Distance Learning

As an online polling tool, Mentimeter can be used even if students are not in the same physical space. In fact, for distance learners, it can be very helpful for them to interact with others on the course in this way. Although the webinar software Blackboard Collaborate Ultra does have a simple polling feature (MCQs and Yes/No responses), there’s no reason why you couldn’t also run a Mentimeter poll during a webinar to take advantage of the more advanced features. Or you could set up a poll and put the link on your Blackboard module site for distance learning students to interact with over a longer period.

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