Using Mentimeter with Collaborate to facilitate questioning in hybrid teaching

There is a growing demand for ‘hybrid’ teaching – i.e. to deliver on-campus activities to both attending and remote students concurrently. This guide aims to provide a straightforward means of enabling both groups of students to ask questions during an activity.

Mentimeter is suggested for this due to its simplicity and the ease by which questions and answers can be shared with both on-campus and remote audiences and be captured within the Collaborate recording.

Getting prepared

Please refer to the LIU’s existing guides on using Mentimeter, particularly the following:

Running the activity

Due to the shorter than usual length of most on-campus activities it may be worth planning for questions at specific points during the activity rather than interrupting the flow by pausing for questions whenever a real or virtual hand is raised. Leaving an appropriate Mentimeter slide open will enable all students to ask a question at any point during the activity which can then be answered at an appropriate point.

The Mentimeter Q&A slide

The most suitable slide for this purpose is the Q&A slide. This can be selected from the slide menu on the right-hand side of the screen and the question edited to your preference.

image of how to select the q&a slide

The ‘Content’ tab can be used to configure the slide. The default configuration should suit the majority of situations.

Setting up the classroom

It is recommended that a browser is opened to access and run Mentimeter on the same screen that is being displayed to the on-campus class and shared with the remote students using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Please see the guide Delivering webinars: Guides for using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra for support using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Alt-tab should be used to quickly and easily switch between the applications being displayed to students.

The Mentimeter presentation/slide will need to be presented at the start of the activity so that the audience can access the voting code. The Mentimeter QR code and weblink could also be shared prior to the activity via Blackboard.

Mentimeter student view

Students will be able to ask a question at any point via Mentimeter. If the teacher is happy to pause the activity on demand for remote students to ask questions the ‘Raise Hand’ function in Collaborate could be used by students. Audio notification for when someone puts their hand up should be switched on in the Collaborate notification settings (and all other options switched off). This will avoid having to open and check Collaborate at regular intervals.

If you have allowed the audience to see each other’s questions in Mentimeter they will be able to vote on questions they would also like to see answered (see image below). This is useful to help identify areas to revisit or focus on.

image of student view of Mentimeter during an activity

Mentimeter presenter view

Questions will be displayed in the order in which they are asked and the number of votes for each question will be displayed.

When you click ‘Mark as answered’ the question will disappear.

To cycle through the questions the up/down arrow keys may be used or the small arrows above or below the questions clicked on.

image showing the presenter view of Mentimeter

Alternative Mentimeter slide types

An alternative to the Q&A slide is the Open-Ended slide. The advantage of this slide is that it is possible to display all of the questions at once. The disadvantages are that voting must be closed for questions to be deleted and the audience cannot vote on questions they agree with or would also like answered.

Photo by Steve Rotman in Flickr