Using Panopto to create desktop recordings – video guides

Video guidance for teaching staff

In addition to the existing guidance, the LIU have produced a collection of short videos to guide you through the process of using Panopto to make desktop recordings from home. Transcripts are available here.

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Video contents

  1. Save your PowerPoint presentation to the desktop of your computer.
  2. Open Panopto and set up your session.
  3. Watch your recording.
  4. Edit your recording.
  5. Publish your recording on your Blackboard module site.
  6. Adding YouTube content to Panopto.


If you would like to capture a PowerPoint presentation as part of your video, start at Step 1.  If you do not wish to include a PowerPoint, start at Step 2.

Step 4 is optional and, to some extent, advanced.  We have included this information, however, as you may wish to remove some content from an otherwise suitable recording. Step 6 is also optional.

Guidance for students

Many students will be familiar with watching Panopto videos on their Blackboard module site as it is widely used for lecture capture recordings.

Whether your students are new to Panopto or already familiar, however, you simply need to make sure you tell you students exactly where to find your recordings.  For instance, tell your students exactly where you will be publishing your recordings on your Blackboard module site.

Once students have navigated to your recordings, they simply click on the title of the recording to view the video in a new tab.

Video number 5 (Step 5: Publish your recording on your Blackboard module site) includes a demonstration of how a student accesses a recording.

Video number 3 (Watch your recording) explains how your view of a recording is the same as the student view – with the exception that you have access to author functions such as edit and share (students can only watch).

Further help

If you have any queries about the above please do not hesitate to contact the LIU by email:

See our main page on Panopto Video Capture for more information and links to other useful articles.