Using Polling in a Blackboard Collaborate Webinar

One way of making webinars more interactive is to use polling. Simply set up the questions and a range of answers in a PowerPoint presentation in advance and the polling itself is activated as and when needed during the webinar.

Example slide showing one question and four possible answers with box showing that some questions have received votes
Polling in Collaborate Ultra

The polling function allows for multiple-choice questions with up to five possible answers as well as a yes/no option. The questions asked can range from the equivalent of a show of hands in the classroom to much more complex and well thought out questions, aimed at making the students think or start a discussion.

The students are unable to see each other’s answers whilst the polling is taking place, but the votes can be made visible once the students have submitted their answers.

This easy-to-use feature does however have more learning benefits than simply giving students something to do. The immediate feedback makes it possible to gauge the participants’ understanding, which in turn could change the direction of the session to the most effective use of teaching time. Polling could also engage the participants who may be reluctant to speak or use the chat box.

There are currently limitations for any participants using the BB Student app (polling is not possible on Android devices, iPhones and iPads), however, these participants can use the chat text to vote.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to try polling in your webinars.