Learning & Teaching Evolution

Strategic overview

Within the Faculty’s strategy, the first of the three primary elements is available: HSS Digital Learning & Teaching Evolution Strategy.

Site Map

This site exists to support the above strategies. In particular the digital evolution. To do this we have assembled the following areas:

  • Accessibility & HSS  This page seek to clarify the Faculties policy positions as they pertain to the accessibility agenda at the University. To this end we had specified where we are in terms of praxis as we head towards compliance as an institution.
  • Principles and expectations no longer lives on this site. The University has a central team supporting learning design and have laid out 4 principles. They have a website to support these principles and events to expand on them in a more formal way.
  • Tools for Teaching This is a curated list of tools and support specific supporting the pivot to online learning.
  • Methods of Assessment This pages covers assessment. Both from the policy position to the ‘how to’ support resources.
  • Good Practice Events & Training This covers a list of relevant training opportunities and a digest of the ‘Good Practice Events’ held within the Faculty.
  • Articles This area covers single topic issues and specific guidance.