Exemplar 1 UoB Schema for Lecture and Seminar

This is a schema based on the UoB advice. This advice is four every online interaction to be made up of ‘Learning Opportunities’. For every week of study, at least one learning opportunity per unit, which includes:

  • Clear instructions for the learning that week
  • An input or provocation, or presentation of information
  • A guided activity
  • A checkpoint / opportunity for feedback.

What does it look like?

The Exemplar 1 can be downloaded. These images and videos are overviews and you may not be able to read the exact text. If you wish to download and import these templates you can download the exemplar and import them into your Blackboard via the ‘Package and Utilities’ part of the ‘Course Management’ menu.

UoB Schema

How was this made?

A video explainer / tour of this exemplar is available.

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