Digital Education Support in HAS for Associate, Visiting & Occasional Lecturers

Authored by: Ghizzi Dunlop and Tom Buckley

Digital Education Training

The events stated below are the relevant training sessions to getting started with digital education. These run through the year and are open to ALs or VLs attendance as they are run online as webinars. Unfortunately the dates are listed on the intranet which is hidden behind a UWE log on. If you are awaiting a log-in or will never get UWE log in but still need some of the training on each system then please email your request to stating that you are a VL, AL or OL They will manage your attendance via email.

Getting Started with Blackboard: This two-hour webinar is aimed at those who would like to know how to use Blackboard to add and organise course materials.

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra: This 1.5 hour webinar is aimed at those who would like to know more about the UWE Bristol webinar technology, Collaborate. This session will demonstrate the webinar experience using Collaborate from the perspective of a participant and a webinar host.

Collaborate Break Out Groups: This 1.5  hour webinar is aimed at those who are already using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra and would like to know more about and practice using ‘Break Out Groups’

Getting started with event capture: This 1.5 hour webinar is aimed at those who would like to know how to use Panopto to record events.

Getting started with Mentimeter: This session is designed to introduce Mentimeter, UWE Bristol’s online polling tool to staff.

Notes on the UWE Digital Education Ecology

There is one general point to note before we go any further. You will not be set up with a log-in until the first day of your contracted work with the University. There are obvious reasons for this but we have outlined below which areas are specific to when you have a log in and when you do not.

UWE Document Templates

On campus and off campus / With UWE credentials

UWE also provides some accessible templates for documentation, UWE brand accessible templates for Word and Powerpoint.

Presenting from the Lectern

On campus only / With and without UWE credentials

All staff and students have access to Office 365 and Office Professional Plus 2019 desktop for up to 5 personal devices (Windows/MacOS/iOS/Android/Linux). You can install Office 2019 on UWE devices from the Sotware Center  (1.58mins). Our lecterns use PCs with a version of Office 365 on them and are supported by onsite technicians from our Information Technical Services (ITS) teams. Information on how to get support is within the room but you should take a mobile phone with you as there is no telephone system with the teaching rooms. In a live teaching environment always contact ITS by phone rather than email as they will respond more quickly this way.

In terms of video orientation the UWE IT Services have provided these guides:

You cannot log in and teach from the lectern machines unless you have the requisite UWE credentials and log on information. There is the facility to connect your own laptop to the projector. However in reality the experience of doing so is quite mixed depending on the equipment in the room (particularly wires) and the capability of the person trying to connect to the UWE lectern. So if you are planning to do this please allow for the appropriate time to check your equipment.

Recording your ‘live’ teaching

On campus and off campus / With UWE credentials

There is a facility at UWE to record your presentation for students to learn from in the future. This is provided to the cohort you delivered this teaching to only. The conditions in which this recording is made are covered by the audio visual policy. This policy will provide answers to most questions you may have about recording your teaching event. The system used to allow you to do this is referred to as ‘Event Capture’ at UWE or you can use the product name ‘Panopto’.

Panopto is UWE’s event capture and the primary video tool available to staff. It has some key capabilities as a Video player including, capturing multiple streams of video, as well as screen capture and ppt slides capture. It also creates an index from your slide titles, allows you to add ASR automatic captions, and has a search video functionality. It also has a very basic video editing capacity.

There is training for how to use this system provided by the University as outlined above. The Learning & Development Unit have provided a Panopto event leaflet and a Panopto event manual which you can download.

Thumbnail of a Panopto Video
The vendor themselves has this great Getting Started Video‘ to talk you through how to do you first recording.

After a few uses you might also want to think about how to push your use on the system further and the resources on the Panopto’s support site will help with this. Panopto videos are automatically captioned but you may want to ensure theses captions are accurate. You can do this by directly editing the captions.

For problems with equipment and software, contact .

Creating video for teaching and learning

Off campus only / Without UWE credentials only

UWE’s core tool for creating video for teaching and learning is Panopto. In the event you are unable to access Panopto when creating your video content, e.g. not yet having your UWE login, it is possible to create video content in PowerPoint from versions 2010 up to the current 2019 and Office 365 offerings.

PowerPoint video creation is available in Office 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 & Office 365. There are some differences in the extent of functionality according to the version of Office you are running. For online learning we recommend short videos no more than 20 minutes for greatest impact. This is a Microsoft guide Turn your presentation into a video .

The video will need to be delivered within the Panopto system outlined above. Please liaise with your module leader about how this is best done.

Blackboard Collaborate

Off campus only / With and without UWE credentials

Blackboard Collaborate is the core tool for online webinars and virtual classrooms. For an introduction to using Collaborate see Blackboard Collaborate for staff (Set up, deliver and record webinars). This includes technology requirements and how to access recordings.

You can find Blackboard Collaborate under Course Management in the left hand navigation pane of your blackboard module click on course tools to expand the menu, you will find the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra link in this list. The video below will outline how to set a Collaborate session up and where to find it in a course.

Collaborate Getting set up (9.15 mins) [Transcript].

If you are teaching and demonstrating practical skills and are unable to do so due to lockdown, consider how you could use Collaborate as an alternative for live demonstrations with Q & A, Polling, drawing over image/slide, screen sharing, role play in break out rooms and recording the session. If you want to test a novel approach or have need of support with designing an alternative approach contact the Faculty Education Innovation Team.

Blackboard Collaborate for students (The user experience). This includes tech requirements, accessing webinars and recordings, the room and breakout groups.

Accessible documents

On campus and off campus / With and without UWE credentials

Accessible content creation, website and document navigation are central to all sites and resources created in and for the institution. As UWE is subject to the 2018 Public Sector Bodies Websites and Mobile Applications legislation. All staff, creators, developers, users of our digital learning environment have a responsibility to ensure the digital accessibility of their resources, communications, websites (VLEs). UWE provides staff with two tools to aid with this:

Microsoft Office Accessibility Checker (3.12 mins)

Blackboard ALLY intro [Transcript]

Blackboard ALLY guide

When using these tools focus on remediating the most serious errors and those that will affect the most users. Don’t try to get everything perfect at once, you will learn as you go.

In HAS we are working hard to really boost our progress in making all our sites and documents accessible and addressing the particular challenges STEM subjects encounter. As a part of our initial workshop series on working inclusively in Word and PowerPoint, I created an introductory document, Digital Accessibility Introduction. This is a collection of tool specific crib sheets for creating accessible documents and working inclusively (Word, Powerpoint, Excel, OneNote, PDF, Audio and Video, HTML, Visio and Hyperlinks). Select what you need to apply. This Glossary of terms accompanied the workshop and attendees found useful.

This YouTube playlist has been created to support lecturers, patient partners and standardised patients

Associate, Visiting & Occasional Lecturers resources YouTube Playlist.

This YouTube playlist is a mix of accessibility videos you may find useful.

Accessibility Suite YouTube Playlist