How to export a recording from Collaborate and upload to Panopto

By Tom Buckley and Hannah Duke

This post outlines the process of outputting a recorded collaborate session and importing it into Panopto. Collaborate does not include an automated captioning solution(as 13/10/20). We have a duty to caption our video content within 14 days of its creation. The easiest way to service this duty is to export the recording and serve it to the students through Panopto. This is because Panopto does have an automated captioning and a good caption editing workflow. It has the additional benefit of storing all educational video created by UWE for a students study in the same place.

Before we outline ‘how’ I would like to add a note on ‘what’. Students may expect everything they miss to be served to them where possible and our policies do support this. There is a tendency to record everything that happens in a webinar environment. Even if we would avoid recording the same activity in a face to face environment. It has become reflexive to press record at the start of a session.

We have one piece of policy to guide us in this regard, that of the Audio/Visual Recording for Educational Activities . Under section 2 of this policy it outlines the duty we have to make the best decisions on what to record. Particularly ‘Some material and discussion is of a sensitive nature and may not be appropriate to record as outlined in section 8’ .

Practically, it is easier for us to control what we record than recording everything and deciding what needs editing out. This in turn will ease the burden of caption correction in the final product.

Be aware: Once uploaded to Panopto you will no longer be able to view or download the chat even if it was set to record in Blackboard.

Step 1: Find your recording within the recordings folder in Blackboard Collaborate.

  1. Click on the three lines to find the menu.
  2. Click on Recordings.Screenshot of collab dashboard
  3. Find the recording you wish to export and click circle with three dots inside at the right side of recording.
  4. Click download.Screenshot of drop down on collab dashboard

Step 2: Upload to Panopto.

  1. Log into the Panopto Cloud –
  2. Click ‘Create’ at the top of the page.Screenshot of Panopto
  3. On the drop down menu select ‘Upload media’.
  4. Select the course folder to upload to.
    Screenshot of Panopto upload
  5. Drag a file into the box or click on the box and select a file.
  6. Click X once the upload is complete. NOT BEFORE.