Participating in online teaching at UWE (Part 2)

Authored by: Ghizzi Dunlop

Microsoft Teams 

Teams works best with the Edge browser, though it works fine with Chrome too. Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, Safari, and Firefox, support the Microsoft Teams web app, but don’t support some of the Teams calling and meeting features. When Teams detects an unsupported browser, it automatically displays a message explaining the issue and the session limitations. People who use the Teams web app on unsupported browsers will experience the following limitations: 

  • Audio is available through a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN, a telephone line) connection only. Users can’t use their microphone. 
  • Users can’t share their camera or see other participants’ videos but can view presented content through image-based screen sharing. 
  • Users can’t share their screen, although they can see a screen that another meeting participant shares. 
  • Users can’t take control during a screen sharing session. 
  • Users won’t receive incoming call notifications. 
  • If the call is interrupted, the meeting won’t automatically reconnect. 
  • Users can’t start meetings. 

Joining a Teams Meeting 

You will be sent a link or a calendar invitation with a link to a meeting. At the time to join it, click on the Join Microsoft Teams Meeting link. This will open the Teams web app in your browser.

Teams Calendar Invite will have a signature with a link to the Meeting in it.

Open Microsoft Teams Web App, ignore the button to download the Windows App, select ‘Use the Web App’ instead. 

Teams use web app or download app page

Hardware requirements: 

Mobile device access to Teams 

You can use your mobile phone to join Teams Meetings (Android and iOS devices).  

On a phone when you tap the Join Teams Meeting link, you will not get a choice to join via web browser. If you do not already have the app on your phone it will ask you to download it. Remember you can remove the app afterwards to save storage on your phone. If you do have the app on the phone you may find you can’t join the Chat (text messaging part). This problem is due to being in a different Teams organisation from the Team Meetings host organisation. 

Make sure your phone is fully charged, if necessary, connect to your charger for using with Teams. Live streaming video and interactive web conferencing is battery hungry. This is something to watch out for in your practice run with your academic partner. 

Short video guide to Teams on mobile devices opens in YouTube (8.35 mins) [Transcript]. 

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