FAQs for using Teams in Teaching & Learning Part 2

For the second semester of 2020/21 there is no Faculty position prohibiting teaching taking place within the Teams environment. However, due to the ongoing issues around recording within Teams Meetings we strongly recommend you do not host live teaching on the platform until beyond TB2.

How do students get invited to a Teams meeting?

There are three instances where you might be doing a live session using Teams Meetings. They are using: the platform for small meetings; using the platform for larger scale teaching, for example a hosting a seminar or doing a short talk; & as part of a wider use of a Team Site for formal and adh hoc meetings covering the above. We will look at each in turn.

Small meetings

For individual or small sub-sets of students you would invite them to a meeting as if you would a member of staff. I.e. when setting up the meeting in  your Outlook or Teams calendar you would make them attendees. You can type a student’s full UWE email address within ‘Add required attendees’ to invite students to a Teams meeting.

Screenshot: New meeting settings

Larger classes

Rather than recreate it our sister team in FET have good guidance on how to use Teams and place the relevant part on Blackboard. It is on this page on ‘What to do if Collaborate is down‘.

For meetings within an existing Teams Site

If you have a TeamSite then setting up meetings can be done by either of the above methods but you do have further options. If you are within an existing Team Site you can use the options in the top right of the screen.

Screenshot: Two meeting options from within a Team Site

  1. ‘Meet Now’ allows you start an ad-hoc meeting in that channel.
  2. ‘‘Schedule a Meeting’ will allow you to put meetings in for future times. It will not necessarily email Teams members with invites.

How to ensure ‘Schedule a meeting’ sends a meeting invite

To ensure invites emails to Team members are sent, you will need to go to the Group in your Outlook email account. You will find these by expanding the left hand side menu from within your email account.

  1. It will look like this. All your Groups are listed below the Deleted items folder.
    Screenshot: Where to find groups
  2. Enter the group and go to settings.
    ScreenshotL Finding Group Settings
  3. Select ‘Edit Group’ and make sure that subscribe new members is selected.
    Screenshot: Subscription new members

What do I have to do to ensure students/staff can record a Teams Meeting?


Are breakout rooms fully operational?

Yes and No. You can find out more about breakout rooms on the Microsoft website . There are foibles with the first iteration breakout rooms as they are a new feature for Teams Meetings. The breakout groups do not currently work in a risk free manner. As of January 2021 we would advise against using them without checking their status with the local TEL team.

How do I use Teams meetings with people outside of UWE?

We have a set of specific pages dedicated to supporting those involved in teaching at UWE. Teams is covered on Participating in online teaching at UWE (Part 2). It is assumed that the method for small meetings and larger classes above has been used.

I have a large event, can Teams Live Events handle it?

MS Teams has a maximum limit of 10,000 attendees and for a duration of 4 hours. You can only schedule 15 live events at a time. The use of MS Teams Live Events is not currently in the general staff population. To use MS Teams Live Events you will need to contact ITS .

Find out more about live events in MS Teams.

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