People Managers Guide to Learning Technologist CPD in 2021

This is a summation of the known opportunities for Learning Technologists to develop at UWE and across the sector. This summation is given with the accompanying coding.

  • EC = Early Career
  • MC = Mid-Career
  • LC = Late Career

This denotes the likely career stage of the practitioner undertaking it. It covers the technical skills, the managerial programmes, the academic opportunities to develop knowledge around pedagogy and the identified future needs of the sector. Plus an overview of the conferences you might wish to engage with.

Most Faculties and services do have access to funds however in 2020/21 these funds are of unknown quantity for most. Please discuss with your line manager your individual situation and relate endeavours to your PDR process.


Blackboard Events Directory (EC)

  • Getting Started with Blackboard
  • Making Blackboard interactive

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Events Directory (EC)

  • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  • Collaborate Break Out Groups

Panopto Events Directory (EC)

  • Getting started with event capture
  • Editing a Panopto recording

Mentimeter Events Directory (EC)

  • Getting started with Mentimeter

Inclusive use of digital learning Events Directory (EC)

  • Making Accessible Documents

MS Teams Events Directory (EC)

  • A flexible approach to communication
  • Making the most of Microsoft Teams

Xerte training (EC)

  • An introduction to Xerte
  • Advanced Xerte

Digital Media Production Training (EC)

Linkedin Learning has a multitude of training packages to support content creation. Covering suites as diverse as OBS, Audacity and Premiere Pro.


Aspiring Leaders Programme (MC)

UWE Managers Programme + none-mandatory units (MC)

Teaching and Learning / Academic

Introduction to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (EC)

Attendance (EC) / Presentation (MC) at the Festival of Learning

Attendance (EC) / Presentation (MC) at the Digital Education Community of Practice

Attendance to a sanctioned ‘Working Group’ such as Digital Assessment or PebblePad or external vendor working group. (MC)

Blended Learning Essentials (EC) Online Modules – External

Open Learn free courses (EC) Online Modules – External

Staff Sponsorship Scheme – Internal / Pending (MC)

Preparing to present online (MC)

Effective Meetings: Preparing for meetings online (MC)

Future Teacher Talks External Webinar Series (MC)

CMALT (EC / MC / LC) Has a cost attached. UWE is a member organisation so you can be an Associate Member for free. UWE will pay for the CMALT submission but will not pay for professional membership fees. So once the submission year is done the cost of membership will be carried by the individual unless the go back to being an Associate Member.

HEA Fellowships (LC)


Attending conferences can be enriching experiences. For early career learning technologists just attending can be quite daunting. Even in these early stages you can reinforce your learning by contributing to the wider communities knowledge. You can:

  • Coordinate attendance with other UWE attendees so you get as many perspectives as possible from the event. (EC)
  • Write up the attendance into a short blog article about what your take home messages were. (EC)
  • Apply to either present or have a poster at the event. This will definitely help with funding. (MC / LC)
  • Take part in panel discussion or plenary session. (LC)

Below are some external conferences we know to be well received. To attend there may be a cost and this needs to be discussed with your line manager.

Our vendors also do free-ish conference events. PebblePad do a mini-bash. Blackboard do Bb World and a UK conference. Panopto usually does a one-day event (free) around November. These will emerge over the course of the year. However, these are great for networking and less good for CPD.

Identified Future Needs