College Blackboard Structure for 2022/23

Module Template Announcements The announcements page in the module template is the landing page. ‘Announcements’ are a communication tool within Blackboard. They are a type of tool itemised under the … Read more

Decorative: Escape Header

Online escape rooms at UWE

Written by Hannah Duke; Edited by Tom Buckley. What is an online escape room? You might have a real world Escape Room near you. They are now part of a … Read more

Why isn’t my content working?

Written by Tom Buckley Photo by Kurt Anderson on Unsplash Content is great. It can enrich our face to face learning. What do I mean by content? Content could be: a video on Panopto; It could be an external report in … Read more

Faculty Blackboard Structure for 2021/22

You are able to view a recording of a template support event. Module Template Announcements The announcements page in the new module template becomes the landing page. ‘Announcements’ are a … Read more

Computes and book in the dark decorative

First outing with a 360-degree panoramic camera

Written by: Keith Mitchell At the end of last year, we received a request to produce some digital media to record the new occupational therapy spaces at Glenside. This would form part of the approval process for … Read more


Podcasts as a tool for online learning

Authored by Tom Buckley, Lauren Philp Edited by: Michael Harris, Ghizzi Dunlop and Paul Redford ‘Podcast’ has become the shorthand for audio-only media. It originally was synonymous with audio-only files … Read more