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Online escape rooms at UWE

Written by Hannah Duke; Edited by Tom Buckley. What is an online escape room? You might have a real world Escape Room near you. They are now part of a … Read more

Why isn’t my content working?

Written by Tom Buckley Photo by Kurt Anderson on Unsplash Content is great. It can enrich our face to face learning. What do I mean by content? Content could be: a video on Panopto; It could be an external report in … Read more

Faculty Blackboard Structure for 2021/22

You are able to view a recording of a template support event. Module Template Announcements The announcements page in the new module template becomes the landing page. ‘Announcements’ are a … Read more

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First outing with a 360-degree panoramic camera

Written by: Keith Mitchell At the end of last year, we received a request to produce some digital media to record the new occupational therapy spaces at Glenside. This would form part of the approval process for … Read more


FAQs for using Teams in Teaching & Learning Part 2

For the second semester of 2020/21 there is no Faculty position prohibiting teaching taking place within the Teams environment. However, due to the ongoing issues around recording within Teams Meetings … Read more

Participating in online teaching at UWE (Part 2)

Authored by: Ghizzi Dunlop Microsoft Teams  Teams works best with the Edge browser, though it works fine with Chrome too. Some browsers, such as Internet Explorer 11, Safari, and Firefox, support … Read more

Participating in online teaching at UWE (Part 1)

How to connect to online teaching sessions and meetings. This guide is primarily for Standardised Patients and Public Patient Involvement Partners within the Faculty of HAS. It can be used … Read more

Making branching online scenarios

Authored by Tom Buckley, Hannah Duke Based on work by Andrea Maggs Edited by: What is a branching scenario? Branching scenarios are a digital or real world narrative plotted to … Read more


Podcasts as a tool for online learning

Authored by Tom Buckley, Lauren Philp Edited by: Michael Harris, Ghizzi Dunlop and Paul Redford ‘Podcast’ has become the shorthand for audio-only media. It originally was synonymous with audio-only files … Read more