TEL Team

We realise at this time it is harder to just drop in on people. We know that it has always been hard at UWE to figure out where to get support from. So we thought it prudent to just highlight who is the best person to get advice from on what.

Faculty Online Learning Coach(es)

Michael Harris (Acting) Digital Learning Manager UWE PROFILE

Michael joined UWE from Kings College London in 2012 and has been within the Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences ever since. Michael manages the Edication Innovation Team for the Faculty and has a panache for video creation.

Key areas of expertise: Content Creation, Panopto, Blackboard, Governance and Data Protection breaches.

Technology Enhanced Learning Team

Ghizzi Dunlop Learning Technologist UWE PROFILE

Ghizzi joined the team on a fixed term contract and with a brief hiatus to the University of Bristol she become a permanent fixture of the jungle office. Ghizzi joined UWE initially from teaching biology in FE. She has a passion for science, environmentalism and yoga.

Key areas of expertise: Accessibility, Blackboard, Online Learning and MS teams in Education

Hannah Duke Psychology Technician / Digital Media Assistant UWE PROFILE

Hannah was the first Apprentice at the University of the West of England. Hannah now splits here time between supporting the Psychology team and helping the team with digital media and content authoring.

Key areas of expertise: Xerte, Graphic Design and MS Publisher

Keith Mitchell Senior Audio Visual Technician UWE PROFILE

Keith has been at UWE since before it was UWE and is the only fully recognised AV technician in the Faculty, Keith joined the team from elsewhere within the Faculty in 2019. Keith manages equipment loans for the Frenchay Campus, creates digital media for the Faculty and manages the studio space near the teams Frenchay offices.

Key areas of expertise: Audio and Video Production, Hardware

PebblePad Commandos

James Rawlings Learning Technologist UWE PROFILE

James joined the team in 2018 and is known as an unflappable character. He is expert in PebblePad and using Learn Pads. Prior to joining UWE he worked in the charity, government agencies and secondary school sectors

Key areas of expertise: PebblePad, Collaborate, Xerte

Robyn Weeks Learning Technologist UWE PROFILE

Robyn joined the team in 2019. Prior to working within the team Robyn worked with disability services at the University. Prior to working at the University Robyn taught in the post compulsory sector specialising in ESOL.

Key areas of expertise: PebblePad, Collaborate and Blackboard

Lawrence Westland Learning Technologist UWE PROFILE

Lawrence is the newest member of the TEL team. Joining us in 2021 from the charity sector.

Key areas of expertise: PebblePad