Methods of assessment

Before you begin, with the detailed considerations listed below, please consider carefully the following institutional guidance on assessment in view of Covid-19 circumstances (dated 24/03/2020). This guidance has key up-to-date information on online submissions, controlled conditions assessments, assessment duration, exam start times, and other key procedural advice:

If you are unsure about any of the content listed here, then in the first instance, please contact the Faculty Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching.

The advice below is specifically to cover a rapid move online assessment in response to the COVID 19 outbreak.

Narrated Presentation / Video Submission

In replacing face-to-face presentation some have opted for the submission of narrated or video presentations. These assessment artefacts, once created, are submitted through Blackboard. This section is relevant for those creating video content for their submissions.

We are switching our video assessment processes to be mediated completely by Panopto. Kaltura will still be around as a repository but in 3(ish) years that system will be decommissioned at UWE.

The new assessment work flow for student created and submitted video is supported by the Using Panopto with Online Assessment web pages. In particular this Panopto Video Submission Playlist developed within FET is very helpful, it has resources for students and educators. There is also Panopto Capture. Panopto Capture allows students to record a video ‘in browser’. There is no need to download anything. There is a section of the UWE website that directly supports Panopto Capture.

Alternative Step 1

Using PowerPoint to create a video. The Microsoft support site for this is very good and covers various different versions of PowerPoint to Record a slide show with narration and slide timing . The video produced can then be uploaded to Panopto and submitted through the same workflow as the rest of the cohort.

Alternative Step 2

If step 1 is not practicable then by arrangement with the module leader a student can capture the oral presentation on their phone or mobile device and upload it to Panopto. The presentation would have to be submitted at the same time.

Where to go for support

Known issues 1 – Upload speeds on home wifi can be slow. This was an issue prior to the current spike in internet use related to COVID 19. We tend to not notice upload speeds and focus on download speeds. Please advise students to leave plenty of time before the due date to upload their presentation. Be as close to their router as possible and to not record at extremely high quality.

If students need support whilst using the system, for example if they experience technical difficulties, then Blackboard Support is the part of organisation to contact. Due to the large number of support calls they would be better off phoning rather than emailing the support team. If you need support with running or hosting a webinar introducing the tool please talk to either ( ) or Tom Buckley ( ) within the TEL Team.

Live presentations


If you are conducting assessments online that need a ‘live’ presentation you will need to conduct these in a Collaborate environment. In 2020/21 a new Collaborate service has been commissioned by the University. This service is called Collaborate Assessment. What it allows the instructor to do is set up private collaborate spaces for specific students. Where recordings made will be kept entirely separately. These processes are covered in the Collaborate Student Assessment pages.

I would recommend this LIU resources for the Collaborate Assessment Tool . It contains  video guides that can also be used to introduce it to students as well as staff.

Face to Face

If you are planning to do presentation assessments in real life (IRL) and you need to record these for the second marker or external examiner this remains unchanged. The Panopto use for staff initiated recording of an assessment event follows the same steps as event capture with a small difference. To keep the assessment recordings seperate from the taught recordings you need to set up and record to a sub-folder. This sub folder is called the assessment folder and you can see how to do it on this ‘Setting up folders in Panopto for assessment purposes‘ .

Online examination – within 24 hour period (Time limited submissions)

In replacement of some assessments previously done as controlled conditions examinations there are two relevant workflows you might want to adopt. One for if your assessment is already in, or in the process of being transferred into Blackboard Tests system. This work flow is good for assessments with question types that are easily machine marked. The second is the simplest way to give and receive assessments via Blackboard using the systems native tools and Office 365 versions(.doc, .xl) of the assessment. Please discuss with your field leader which is the best workflow for your purposes.

For information on the policy considerations around online examinations please read this post by Jenny & Antony on Online Assessment Design.

Method 1 best practice for running summative tests at a distance in Blackboard

Blackboard has within it an assessment tool. This assessment tool is sometimes referred to as ‘Blackboard Test’ or ‘Tests, Surveys and Pools’. There are a few stages to using the Blackboard Test system for an online distance examination. As show in this diagram.

Blackboard Test Workflow

Create (Instructor) For an overview of the Blackboard Test system Blackboard have created a very useful Blackboard Test Tour video. Further guidance on creating a test, questions types etc is available from Blackboard on their support website.

One word of caution when copying from a Word document. When we copy content from one system to another, we can sometimes important formatting. This can make the content difficult to read, for example a grey background to text etc. You can clear this formatting as part of your transcription between documents by following the steps for clearing weird formatting in this short video.

How this should be set up within ISIS

This assessment should be set up in the assessment checker as ‘Grade Mapping’.

Post-assessment guidance

SafeAssign does not automatically run  with Blackboard Test in our version of Blackboard Learn. If you are using a text entry question type (Short Answer Question or Essay) format in your tests in Blackboard and need to submit them to SafeAssign, this will require this work around.

You will need to use DirectSubmit to submit Short Answer Questions (SAQs) to SafeAssign. Please note, DirectSubmit is not integrated with the Grade Centre. Content you submit through DirectSubmit is only added to the institutional database. This content is not added to the Global Reference Database.

Method 2 Blackboard Assignments and Office 365

This method is for the management of time sensitive documents through Blackboard. It also cover enabling a submission point manually within Blackboard for students to submit to.

How this should be set up within ISIS

This assessment should be set up in the assessment checker as ‘Grade Mapping’.

Post-assessment guidance

  • Understanding SafeAssign outputs (Pending)