Methods of assessment

This guidance was updated in August 2022; it is aimed at academic staff regarding different types of assessments.

Narrated Presentation / Video Submission

These assessments are normally submitted through Blackboard. Video assessments should be mediated by Panopto.

Please access the following guidance for more information:

Using Panopto with Online Assessment web pages.

Panopto Video Submission Playlist – developed within FET this has resources for students and staff.

Panopto Capture – allows students to record a video ‘in browser’. There is no need to download anything.

Alternative 1 – Using PowerPoint to create a video

See Record a slide show with narration and slide timing . The video produced can then be uploaded to Panopto and submitted through the same workflow as the rest of the cohort.

Alternative 2

If the above is not practicable then by arrangement with the module leader a student can capture the oral presentation on their phone or mobile device and upload it to Panopto. The presentation would have to be submitted at the same time.

Where to go for support

Upload speeds on home wifi can be slow. Please advise students:

  • to leave plenty of time before the due date to upload their presentation
  • be as close to their router as possible
  • to not record at extremely high quality.

If students need support whilst using the system, for example if they experience technical difficulties, then please advise them to contact,  Blackboard Support  (by telephone if urgent). If you need support with running or hosting a webinar introducing the tool please talk to either or within the Digital Learning Team.

Live presentations


These should be conducted in a Collaborate environment using the Collaborate Assessments tool. This allows the instructor to set up private Collaborate spaces for specific students. Individual recordings are saved separately.

Please see the Collaborate Student Assessments pages for more details – contains video guides that can be used to introduce it to students.

Face to Face

If you are planning to do presentation assessments in real time, you should record these for marking and/or moderation (internal or external) purposes.

Important – You MUST set up a separate folder in Panopto for these recordings. If you do not, the recordings will sit in the main module run folder and any student enrolled on the module run will potentially be able to view the recordings. This could constitute a data protection breach.   For instructions please go to ‘Setting up folders in Panopto for assessment purposes‘ .

Online examinations

College advice regarding 24hour online examinations [Word document]
Online examination template [Word document – to be modified as appropriate]

There are two relevant workflows; one for if your assessment is in the Blackboard Tests system; good for assessments with question types that are easily machine marked. The second is via Blackboard using the systems native tools and Office 365 versions (.doc, .xl) of the assessment. Please discuss with your quality lead which is the best workflow for your purposes.

1 Blackboard Tests system

Blackboard has within it an assessment tool; referred to as ‘Blackboard Test’ and found within the ‘Tests, Surveys and Pools’ area of Blackboard’s Course Tools. There are a few stages to using the Blackboard Test system for an online examination. As shown in this diagram.

Blackboard Test Workflow


See the Create a Test video. Further guidance on creating a test, questions types etc is available from Blackboard on their support website.

NB When copying from a Word document, the Word formatting information will also be imported, this can make the content difficult to read (for example a grey background to text etc.). To clear this formatting as part of your transcription between documents follow the steps for clearing formatting detailed on the Blackboard help page Work with Text.


See the following guidance for deploying a Blackboard test as a summative assessment:

This assessment should be set up in the assessment data checker as ‘Grade Mapping’.  Speak to your local SAT team for grade mapping guidance.


Help sheet on how to mark using Blackboard Tests

SafeAssign does not automatically run with a Blackboard Test in the UWE version of Blackboard Learn. If you are using a text entry question type (Short Answer Question or Essay) format in your tests in Blackboard you can use DirectSubmit. For more information see this video.

2 Blackboard Assignments and Office 365

This method is for the management of time sensitive documents through Blackboard. It also covers enabling a submission point manually within Blackboard for students to submit to.

This assessment should be set up in the assessment data checker as ‘Grade Mapping’.  Speak to your local SAT team for grade mapping guidance.