Good Practice Events & Training

HSS Education Good Practice Sharing (GPS) Events

Our weekly sessions give a great opportunity to explore and share good practice in learning and teaching. These are managed locally by the Faculty (hosted by Antony Hill, Associate Dean for Quality, Learning & Teaching) in conjunction with the Digital Education Team.

These events are lightweight, regular and all are welcome. The sessions will be hosted in the Good Practice Sharing Webinar Room. This will be the same every week.

Upcoming sessions 

  • Monday 28th November 11:30-12:00 The Deception Lab: research oriented teaching for undergraduate students (Cody Porter and Adam Harvey)
  • Thursday 8th December 14:00-15:00 Great learning to share from the international ABRCMS 2022 event on EDI (Emmanuel Adukwu, Gerry Lucas, Dami Okeyoyin, Katie Jaggon)
  • Thursday 15th December 13:00-13:30 Closing Awarding Gaps – some tangible tips (Myra Evans)
  • Winter break 
  • Thursday 12th January 10:00-10:30 Metaphors in Teaching (please bring pencils and paper!) (Shaun Mudd)

All CHSS GPS sessions are recorded and you can access them here: HSS GPS Recordings Page. For ease of use, all our recordings are streamed into the following groupings:

HSS Bitesize Events

The focus of BiteSize Events is to to drill down into individual issues and explore different approaches and understandings. The events will revolve around a particular topic rather than an individual or team sharing practice (and will be ad-hoc, so not as regular as CHSS GPS). The sessions will be hosted in the Good Practice Sharing Webinar Room.

Upcoming Bitesize Sessions:

Introducing ‘Studiosity’ (Jenny Dye & Miles Durham) – Wednesday 19th October 2022 13.00 to 13.45 [Bitesize 5 Recording]

UWE has partnered with Studiosity to launch a new online writing feedback service for students to enhance the existing study skills support provided by the Library. Miles Durham (Partnership Manager from Studiosity) will lead a session to introduce the College of Health, Science and Society to Studiosity. The session will be recorded for those unable to be present.

Previous Bitesize Sessions:

Assessment Design and Assessment Offences (Jenny Dye & Bek Stevens) – Wednesday 8th June 2022 11.00-11.45 [Bitesize 4 Recording]

Rebekah Stevens and Jenny Dye will lead a session on how assessment design may deter assessment offences within a range of assessment types. It will also consider how assessment design can assist in evidencing an assessment offence if one does occur. We hope the session will stimulate discussion, comment, and questions – please bring your own experiences and top tips.

Changes to our Academic Regulations (Jenny Dye & Antony Hill) – Tuesday 5th October 2021 13:00-13:45 [ Bitesize 3 Recording ]
This session aims to provide an overview of the recent changes to our Academic Regulations, specifically focused on submission and marking windows.  We’ll explore the FAQs circulated in advance (email to follow, and link will be also be added here), with time for questions and comments.

Online Exam Design in HAS (Jenny Dye) – Wednesday 25th August 2021 12:30-13:15 [PPT
This session aims to provide an opportunity to explore the principles and experiences of online examinations which are not subject to invigilation.  It will include a brief presentation covering our journey in CHSS since 18 March 2020, followed by current considerations and recommendations.  It will be delivered by quality leads across the Faculty with time for questions and comments. 

Assessment Offences in HAS (Jenny Dye) – Monday 28th June 2021 12:30-13:15 [Bitesize 1 Recording]
This session aims to provide an overview of the assessment offence process in the context of UWE policy and regulations including factors that influence recommended outcomes.  It will include a brief overview of SafeAssign as an adjunct to detecting assessment offences.  Assessment offences in the context of online examinations and contract cheating will be discussed.  There will be time for questions and comments. 

AL / VL / OL Induction

The Digital Education Team will be hosting drop in sessions for those involved in teaching who are non-traditional teaching contracts. These sessions will signpost some resources, give people a chance to ask questions and go through the core toolset with colleagues. This is not a skills session.

Forthcoming dates:

  • 08 December 2022 14:30-16:00
  • 10 January 2023 10:00-11:30
  • 27 January 2023 09:00-10:30

To express an interest in attending a session please email Ghizzi Dunlop.

Available skills training

Upcoming training relevant to the College strategy can be found on My learning Staff development hub.