Almost there

I’ve just heard from Andy King of PlayWest that the app will be demonstrated to me and handed over for me to start using on 13 March 2017. Yay! I can’t wait to get going on it. Still need to decide on a name for the app, though. I’m meeting Andy later today and hope to finally reach a conclusion. I’m thinking either In The Zone’ or ‘ZonED’ but I may have another idea by the time lunch is over.

I spoke to James Burch today (one of the academics who will be trialling the app with his students) who tells me he is going with architecture students and colleague Andy Bourne into Bristol on the next three Fridays to practise drawing skills. James and Andy are planning to stay in Bristol after the students leave to start filming and preparing a ‘walk’ for the app which his students will experience on the fourth Friday from now.  So 24 March might well be the very first trial of the app with students, unless one of the other project members gets in there first.

James and Andy will probably do any filming required for this first walk themselves, using their own smartphones (well, JB doesn’t have one, so it will be AB’s) but Steve Brown (film maker in the LIU) might be asked to help to give the films a more professional touch.