UWE L&T Conference workshop

Oliver Haslam led a workshop at UWE’s Learning & Teaching Conference on 20 June 2017. The slides, instructions and resources I used can be found below.

Workshop presentation

What you need

  • An Android device (or to join up with somebody with one)
  • A Google account – and ability to use Google Drive
  • A willingness to join in

Workshop instructions

  1. Install the app on your Android device
  2. Find example Walk 1
  3. Leave the classroom and follow Walk 1 (volunteers needed – please be back within 15 mins ready to report on your experience)
    Stay in class and see the results of Walk 1.
  4. Try Authoring a Walk yourself
  5. Interested in using In The Zone? Any ideas for innovative use of this app? Post your comments and questions at the foot of this page

Workshop toolkit