Meeting with Historic England

Katie McClymont and I visited the offices of Historic England yesterday, in Swindon, to meet  Mike Evans (Head of Archive) and Richard Worthington (Head of Digital).

This meeting came about after discussion of using archive photos to enhance students’ experience when doing walks on urban planning (Katie’s area of expertise). We thought it would be great if students could visit a location and be able to see photographs of the same place 100 years ago, for example.  Katie had previously worked with Mike on a different project, so getting back in touch with Historic England was the natural choice.

We demonstrated In The Zone and showed them the Bristol Harbourside walk which our first year planning students have just done, which includes some archive images from Bristol City Council. I’m delighted to say Mike and Richard really liked the app! Like the rest of us, they would like to see an iOS version for iPhones and iPads (the vast majority of people accessing the Historic England site use Apple devices). They also suggested we develop an API to make authoring large scale walks more efficient – a great idea in my opinion!

Mike kindly offered to allow us to use Historic England’s archive photos in walks we make with In The Zone. This means we can now provide a much richer experience for our students studying urban planning and a whole range of other subjects.

Thank you, Mike, Richard and Historic England!