General FAQs

What is In The Zone for?
In The Zone is a mobile app for learning whilst on field trips, visits and other occasions where learning takes place away from the classroom or home. It is intended to facilitate situated, authentic, practice-based, context-aware learning experiences for students at UWE Bristol and beyond.
What are the Health & Safety implications of using In The Zone?
Please be careful when using In The Zone to follow a walk as it can be dangerous to use a mobile device while on the move. Be particularly careful of traffic, natural hazards and the risk of crime. If you feel unsafe using your mobile device you should stop immediately and take care of your safety. Consider going in pairs or groups, look where you are going and pay attention to your environment at all times.
How do I install In The Zone?
In The Zone will initially be available on Android devices only, with an iOS (Apple) version coming later. Go to the Google Playstore and search for ‘In The Zone’ and install the app in the usual way.
How do I uninstall In The Zone?
The same way you uninstall and remove any other app on your device.
How do I sign in to In The Zone?
A Google account is needed to sign in. Open the app on your device, tap ‘sign in with Google’ then enter your Google email address and password.
How do I sign out of In The Zone?
Tap the menu at the top right (three dots icon) then tap Log Out.
Why does In The Zone need access to my Google account?
It enables you to log in and allows us to see which responses you have made to tasks. For authors your Google Drive is used to store assets (images, videos, audio files etc.) used in walks. Google Drive also receives content submitted by learners in response to the native tasks.
Can I use a different Google account to sign in to In The Zone?
You can choose any Google account you want but we recommend using an account in your own real name so you can be identified by your tutor.
What's the difference between a Walk and a Zone?
A zone is a single circular area at a specific point on the landscape. Zones can be large or small – the size of zones is determined by the author of a walk. A walk is a collection of zones associated with each other to create a learning experience.
What's difference between a Walker and an Author?
Typically, a walker is a student and an author is usually a lecturer or educator of some kind who makes walks for learners to follow.
Who can use In The Zone?
At present In The Zone is only available to UWE staff and students. We hope to widen access to others in due course. If you are interested in using In The Zone please get in touch with Oliver Haslam.
Who makes In The Zone?
In The Zone is produced by the Faculty of Environment and Technology (FET) at UWE Bristol. It is created from an idea by Oliver Haslam, a Learning Technologist in the Learning Innovation Unit (LIU) in FET. Technical development of the app has been undertaken by Playwest Enterprise Studios, in FET. Initial funding has been provided by UWE’s Learning For All.
How is In The Zone being promoted?
Via this website, at conferences and in papers written by authors of walks.

Connectivity FAQs

Is In The Zone available for Android devices?
Yes. Go to the Google Playstore and seacrh for In The Zone to install it.
Is In The Zone available for iOS (Apple) devices?
Not yet but we are planning to develop an iOS version.
Is In The Zone available for Windows (Microsoft) devices?
No, nor do we have any plans to make a Windows version of In The Zone
Does In The Zone work without any 3G/4G phone signal (e.g. at the top of Dartmoor)?
Mostly, yes. You should be able to use the map and locate zones without any phone signal and if you preload walk content while you have an Internet connection the native content and tasks will work. Embedded content and tasks may not work when you do not have an Internet connection.
Do I need an Internet connection at all times to complete a Walk?
GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to identify your location and the zones on the map and GPS does not rely on having an Internet connection. So, usually you can continue to use In The Zone even when you do not have an Internet connection. To get best results, before following a walk you should tap the save icon (the downward arrow) next to the title of a walk to preload as much of the walk content onto your device as possible. If you are asked to submit something (e.g. your response to a survey) however, an Internet connection is required at this point. This is where the Resync Changes button (found on the introductory page of a walk) comes into play and you should press this when you reach a spot with a good Internet connection again in order to submit anything that requires connectivity.
I can't locate a zone. Why not?
Sometimes GPS and other positioning systems are not entirely accurate. Try moving around until you locate the zone.
How much of my data allowance will In The Zone use?
It depends what the walk author has included in the walk you follow. If the walk includes a lot of embedded content (particularly video) it will use more data. Native content/tasks will not use any data at all if you preload walk content onto your phone (by tapping the downward arrow next to the title of a walk) while you have a wifi Internet connection.

Walkers’ FAQs

How do I start a Walk?
Walks you already have access to are listed when you tap Walker. To gain access to a new walk you need to enter a Walk Code, usually provided to you by the author of the walk. Tap Walker then tap the ‘Find New Walk’ icon and type or paste in the Walk Code and then tap Submit. The walk is now listed and you can start the walk by tapping its title. You can preload the content of the walk on your mobile device by tapping the save icon (downward arrow) next to the walk title.
How do I know which Walks are available?
This website (the one you are reading right now) lists some of the walks which have been created but you will need a Walk Code to be able to follow any of the walks. Learners can obtain Walk Codes from their tutor.
What do I do with the code my tutor has given to me?
Log into In The Zone, tap Walker, tap Find New Walk, enter the code then tap Join. Then tap the name of the walk to see the map of the walk.
What is the downward arrow icon next to the walk title for?
Tap this icon before following a walk and while you have a good internet connection (e.g. wifi) to preload native walk content/tasks on your phone/tablet.
How do I find Zones in a walk?
After starting a walk the zones in the walk are shown on a live map. Use the map to navigate to the zones displayed. When you enter a zone your device will briefly vibrate and beep to indicate you are inside a zone.
What will I see when I visit a zone?
It depends what the walk author has prepared for you – but in general what you see is divided into Information and Tasks. Information may include items to read, look at, listen to or watch. Tasks can include taking and submitting a photo, responding to questions and surveys, or whatever else the walk author has embedded in the zone for you to do.
What tasks might I be asked to do when I visit a zone?
Tasks can include taking and submitting a photo, responding to questions and surveys, or whatever else the walk author has embedded in the zone for you to do. You never what’s in a zone until you visit it!
Are the answers I submit anonymous?
No, the answers you submit are idenified with the Google account used to sign in to the app.
What happens to the things (photos, answers to questions etc) that I submit?
Your responses to native tasks (photos, multiple choice questions and free text questions) are sent to the walk author’s Google Drive. Responses to embedded tasks are received in the original application used to make the task, e.g. Padlet responses will be seen in Padlet itself.
Can I submit my answer to a question after leaving a zone?
As long as the screen is already open on your device and you have Internet connection, you should be able to submit.
How can I see what is in a zone after I have left the zone?
You can’t. You have to be physically in the zone to see what is there.
How do I see which zones I have already visited?
Zones you have already visited have a different colour marker on the map.
If I remove/delete a walk from the app, can I return to it?
Yes, though you will need the Walk Code to access the walk again. Any zones you visited first time round will now show on your map as unvisited. Please note that anything you submitted first time round remains and is not deleted when you remove the Walk from your device.
Can I follow a Walk more than once?
Yes. Zones you have already visited will be marked with a different colour marker on the map but you will still be able to visit them again.

Authors’ FAQs

How do I become an Author?
An Author Elevation Code is needed to create a new walk and access is currently restricted to lecturers at UWE Bristol only. To request a code please contact Oliver Haslam. Once you have your Author Elevation code tap Author then type or paste in the code and press submit. You are now able to create new walks.
How do I create a new Walk?
Tap Author then tap ‘new walk’ (you will need to have entered your Author Elevation code to see this option). Fill in the walk title, description and health and safety warning and tap ‘save walk’. Optionally you can add an image for the walk. Tap edit walk and a map opens up on which you can place zones.
What do I need to be aware of when using embedded content/tasks like Google Forms, Padlet etc?
Embedded content/tasks require an Internet connection to work, so if your walk is in a remote area embedded contetnt/tasks may not work.