Teaching Technologies


learning environment

Every module run and programme has a site on Blackboard. Use it for making announcements, launching learning activities, providing materials, and for online assessment and feedback.


video capture

For recording and delivering video and audio. Use it to capture your slides and desktop, to add captions and quizzes, and to securely store and release recordings in Blackboard.



An online polling tool to add interactivity to a live or recorded presentation. Used for icebreakers, knowledge checks, gauging opinion and prompting debate.



A virtual classroom webinar tool for communicating online in real time by voice or text. Use it for group discussions, collaborative activities, one-to-ones and as a social space.



An online platform where students evidence their learning in portfolios and workbooks. Use it to securely view, assess and provide feedback on students’ work as it develops.

LinkedIn Learning

training videos

LinkedIn Learning has thousands of training videos for software, design and business skills. Use it to supplement teaching and to help students develop skills.


interactive learning materials

Xerte is a tool for creating accessible, multi-media, interactive resources. Use it to create engaging learning materials that students access using a web browser.

Reading Lists

recommended reading

A resource for students to access their recommended reading quickly and easily. Use it to create dynamic reading lists that can be embedded within Blackboard.


assessing maths and statistics

A web-based algorithmic assessment system for maths and statistics. Use it for summative assessment or allow students to use it for formative learning.


collaboration platform

Teams is a suite of messaging, file sharing and video conferencing tools in Microsoft Office 365. Use it to work together with others synchronously and asynchronously.


location-based learning

Seppo lets you set up a series of information points and learning tasks on a map or gameboard, for students to complete on a mobile device.

Other tools

suitable for your subject

Lots of other great learning tools are available on the web. To help ensure tools are suitable for use with students we have a checklist of things to look out for.

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