Dewis e-assessment


Dewis is an e-assessment system developed by academics at UWE.  It was originally designed for mathematics and statistics, but is now used by many quantitative subjects.  It allows staff to set up questions that can be automatically marked and provide dynamic feedback particular to the student’s answer. The question parameters are randomised, giving different interpretations of the assessment at each attempt.

The marking algorithms in Dewis allow for adaptive marking which allows for intelligent marking and feedback; for example, follow-on marking, partially correct marking and verification marking. Additional support features include pre-submission checking and ‘network down’ recovery.

Dewis can be used for formative or summative assessments and is suitable for coursework, in-class tests and e-exams with different settings for the different assessment environments.

Dewis assessments can be deployed through Blackboard or via a web link. They can be made available during specific dates and with a limited time to complete, and the grades fed back automatically to Blackboard.

For more information visit the Dewis welcome page.

Good practice

Dewis has a public question bank from which you can use and adapt questions. If you need custom questions, however, please give plenty of notice so that you can be supported with this.

If you are using Dewis for summative assessment, ensure that your students have a chance to experience the system before their exam, for example by doing formative assessments on Dewis throughout the module.

If you are working with partner institutions, it is up to the module link tutor to ensure assessments are consistent across the different sites.

Getting started

Email if you are interested in finding out how Dewis could be used on your module.


Email if you have any queries.