Panopto video capture


Panopto is a video platform which allows you to record video and audio, capture your slides and desktop, edit, caption, add interaction, and securely store and release your content to students through Blackboard.

Staff can record desktop presentations, demonstrations and lectures for online delivery using Panopto. You can easily restrict these recordings to a particular module cohort by saving them to a module folder in Panopto. There is also the option to change the permissions to make your videos more widely available, for example if you record content for outreach or public events.

In the classroom, Panopto is used to record lectures and presentations. Some large lecture theatres have been fitted with equipment that automatically records timetabled lectures, known as auto-scheduling.

Panopto can also be used for staff-led recordings of student presentations in the classroom, and from 2021 should be used instead of Kaltura for students to record themselves (see Using Panopto with Online Assessment, and direct students to Panopto Student Submissions).

Panopto is available from staff desktop PCs, laptops and Macs and has been installed in most lecture rooms across the University.

Good practice

Keep the recordings relatively short (for example, break up an hour’s lecture into three 20 minute recordings). Make sure the audio is good quality, using a microphone or headset if possible. Read the articles Desktop recording (using Panopto) and Replacing face-to-face lectures with recorded lectures – good practice for more tips.

Examples of effective use include software demonstrations, short clips for students to watch before lectures, providing feedback, and using a visualiser for annotating documents, for example with diagrams or mathematical calculations.

When using any recording technology, it is always important to consider any data protection issues that could arise:

  • Close emails and other documents which may contain confidential or personal information before recording on any device, and switch off pop-up notifications.
  • Be aware of what can be seen on camera and make sure there is nothing confidential or inappropriate.
  • Particularly for filming involving students, pause or stop recording if the conversation reveals sensitive information, and ensure this is not published.

It is good practice to provide captions and transcripts to make your recordings accessible.

Finally, copyright legislation also needs to be considered; for example YouTube or other videos should not be recorded. Instead a link to the original video should be inserted in to the recording. See Panopto recordings – The safe and effective way to include YouTube content for how to do this.

Getting started

If Panopto is not already installed on your machine, see Installing Panopto for instructions. Panopto is linked to your Blackboard account, so always use the Blackboard login option if prompted. Use the icon on your desktop to start a new recording, or go to to manage your recordings. If you click on Browse on the left of your Panopto homepage, you will see that you have access to folders corresponding to the modules and programmes you are enrolled on in Blackboard.

See Using Panopto to create desktop recordings – video guides for step-by-step instructions. The LDC also offer Panopto training.


Intranet guidance on Event Capture.

Guidance for Panopto on UWE’s Blackboard Support website.

Panopto’s support site.

Training provided by the LDC: Getting started and editing recordings.

For problems with equipment and software, contact