Reading Lists

Overview is a web-based resource for academic staff to create dynamic and up-to-date resource lists. Lists must be embedded within Blackboard for students to access them. These lists are living documents, and can be further developed at any time.

New modules will have a reading list created during the curriculum development process. Existing modules should already have a reading list. Each summer, these are ‘rolled over’ with a new copy created for the new academic year.  

Good practice

Reading lists should follow the Best Practice Guidance developed by the Library in collaboration with academic staff and students. This involves including a rationale to make it clear by when and for what purpose you are expecting students to read specific items or purchase texts, clear presentation and structure, ensuring accessibility by linking to digital content wherever possible, and updating and revising your list regularly.

It’s always good practice to check that your reading list has copied over correctly before teaching starts.

Getting started

Starting out with is a useful guide to creating lists on The guide provides a download link to a ‘quick start’ guide, as well as various video tutorials. You may also find the examples and templates helpful; these can be copied to help you make a faster start.

Module reading lists can be accessed online, directly through; this is also where requests for digitised content (book chapters, journal articles, etc) can be made as you create your list.

To set up a link to your reading list, refer to connecting reading lists to Blackboard.


Full guidance can be found at Using reading lists.

For additional support, please contact your Subject Librarians.