University regulations

This page was last updated at 10:30 on 03/04/2020.

The Vice-Chancellor, as Chair of Academic Board, has invoked Regulation S3 of our Academic Regulations*.  This allows us to take significant steps to mitigate the impact of severe disruption to University business by force majeure on the assessment process. It can include suspending some existing regulations and/ or implementing alternative regulations for a period, if this is felt to be in the best interests of students and does not compromise our academic standards.

Further details about variations to the regulations will be available on the intranet and will be announced on news channels of the institution. For advice and guidance on specific issues, always contact your local or regulatory experts or the Academic Frameworks Development Team in the first instance

External examiners

Under our alternate regulations you are not required to send the alternative assessment to the External Examiner. The University has written to all our external examiners updating them on our current plans. However, you should ensure the work has been internally moderated.

Keeping track of assessment changes

It is important that we keep track of all changes made to assessments and the rationale for them, in order that we will be able provide evidence to the Board of Governors and external regulatory bodies that our academic standards and the value of our awards have been protected. This includes where assessments are modified based on a learning outcome being met elsewhere in the programme.

Departments and Faculties have been asked to maintain an audit trail of changes to assessment and evidence that Faculty approval has been agreed, and these will be reported into field boards. A cross-university group has been set up to support Faculties to take a consistent approach to this.

It is also important to keep the Student Administration Team informed of any changes so that they can support you effectively.

Support for students who fail or achieve low marks

Provisions have been put in place for students who fail or wish to re-attempt assessment.

UWE has applied Personal Circumstances to all students, covering all assessment due to have been submitted between 18 March (when we moved to online teaching) and the end of the 19/20 academic year. No evidence will be required.

Students who fail a module will be entitled to an uncapped resit without the need to apply for individual personal circumstances; students who achieve a low mark may apply to have the mark removed and reattempt the assessment.

All existing coursework hand-in dates have been extended until 14:00 on Thursday 23 April 2020.

Further advice and guidance for colleagues

*S3. Absence of assessment marks as a consequence of significant disruption

The Chair of Academic Board may formally invoke mitigating processes in response to circumstances where University’s business has been significantly disrupted by force majeure. Such action will be reported to the first subsequent meeting of Academic Board.

Unless stated otherwise, this will cover all programmes delivered under the UWE regulations. In case of doubt, this regulation takes precedence over other regulations relating to student classification and progression and over the regulations governing the quoracy for meetings of Boards of Examiners. Regulations relating to appeals processes remain in force during periods of disruption caused by force majeure. In the case of variant regulations, the Chair of Academic Board will decide which regulations will prevail.