What is Dewis?

Have you come across references to Dewis and were unsure of what it is? Does the module you teach involve numeracy and maths?

This short film, produced by Steve Brown (FET Multimedia Producer) and Sophie Burton (Learning Technologist), aims to introduce Dewis, an in-house fully algorithmic testing system to a wider audience. Dewis is not only used for advanced maths, it can for example also be used for refreshing numeracy skills.



The advantage of a Dewis test over a Blackboard test is that a Dewis question can be programmed to randomly select from a set of data, therefore the student could repeatedly do the test but get the question with different numbers in it to practise on. A more detailed comparison of Dewis vs Blackboard tests can be found in a separate blogpost.

If you have any questions about Dewis, please come and see us in the Learning Innovation Unit or email dewis@uwe.ac.uk.