What is Dewis?

Have you come across references to Dewis and were unsure of what it is? Does the module you teach involve numeracy and maths?

PebblePad (portfolios)

PebblePad provides individual and collective online spaces for students and staff to develop, share, reflect on and communicate their learning and achievement

TurningPoint (polling)

TurningPoint is polling software that enables students to ‘vote’ or respond to questions in classrooms and lecture theatres using ‘clickers’ and/or smartphones, tablet computers or laptops to make responses. TurningPoint can help make teaching in classrooms and lecture theatres more interactive. It can be used, for example, to survey views, assess understanding, group revision, and to give learners more control of the content or pace of lectures.

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Blogging in Social Geography

In the first semester of 2014/15 I worked with a FET lecturer in Geography and Environmental Management, Sara-Jayne Williams, who teaches on a module called Society, Youth & Ageing. Together we developed a plan whereby students would blog about the subject matter and share their blogs with each other in order to construct subject knowledge as a class.

Classroom Response Systems – ‘clickers’

Types of Questions

Many instructors see multiple-choice questions as limited to testing students’ recall of facts. However, multiple-choice clicker questions can actually serve many other purposes in the class, including assessing students’ higher-order thinking skills. Since clicker questions can be used not only to assess students but to engage them, some very effective clicker questions are quite different than multiple-choice questions that might appear on exams.

Here are a few types of clicker questions.

Recall Questions: These questions ask students to recall facts, concepts, or techniques relevant to class. They are often used to see if students did the reading, remember important points from prior classes, or have memorized key facts. They rarely generate discussion, however, and don’t require higher-order thinking skills.

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Teaching with ‘clickers’

In UWE we can use ‘clickers’ and software from TurningPoint to make presentations and lectures more engaging. A number of lecture theatres (4D56, 1N05, 2B020, 2B025, 2D67, 4B031 and ECC … Read more