SafeAssign file limits

While a Blackboard submission point can accept file sizes of up to 100MB, they will not be processed by SafeAssign unless they are below 10MB. This is because SafeAssign is … Read more

Discussion Boards

When you first use discussion boards with your students, it is a good idea to give them some guidance around the etiquette of using these.

Blackboard (VLE)

All Blackboard-related information can be accessed from this page. The key source of information on all Blackboard queries is UWE’s Blackboard Support website. Faculty approach to Blackboard module sites In … Read more

When you talk about..., it makes me thinka bout..., because...


A blog is a website which usually takes the form of a series of posts arranged in reverse-chronologocal order, i.e. the most recent post appears at the top of the page. Students writing their own blogs, commenting on other people’s blogs, and consulting blogs written by experts in their field are common learning activities in Higher Education today.