TEL Survey

On this page you can see the Participant Information and Consent details for the FET Technology-Enhanced Learning survey. You may also choose to download this information as a PDF file.


You are invited to take part in a research survey by FET’s Learning Innovation Unit (LIU). Before you take part, it is important for you to understand why the research is being done and what it will involve. Please take time to read the following information carefully and please ask the researcher (Oliver Haslam) if there is anything that is not clear by emailing

What is the purpose of the survey? This survey investigates the use of various technologies for teaching and learning. The LIU aims to use the responses received to tailor the support we provide for staff in the Faculty.

How might I benefit from completing the survey? Our aim is to help staff develop greater confidence and ability when using technology for teaching/demonstrating – but to help us do this we need to know what tools and technologies you already use, and how you use them. For example, we may be able to provide workshops or one-to-one sessions tailored to the needs and experience of your department/cluster; or we could advocate on your behalf for new and/or updated tools in various university committees.

Why have I been chosen to participate? All staff in FET with teaching/demonstrating responsibilities are being asked to participate.

Do I have to take part? No. However, we hope you will take part as your responses may help to improve the learning environment for you, your colleagues and students.

Do I have to provide my name? No. Unless you choose to include your email address (to volunteer to participate in a focus group) or to identify yourself in written answers you provide, nobody can identify who responds to this survey.

What is involved? It takes approximately 5 to 15 minutes to fill in the survey, depending on how much information you provide. There are eight substantive questions in the survey. The first four questions involve clicking options in a grid, and they must be completed in order for you to submit the survey. The other four questions are optional and ask you to type your answer in a box.

You may also choose to include your email address if you would like to take part in a follow-up focus group with other FET colleagues.

Consent. If you decide to take part in the survey, you will be asked to confirm you have read this PARTICIPANT INFORMATION and to provide your CONSENT by clicking ‘Next’ at the foot of this page.

Can I withdraw from the survey? You can withdraw from this survey at any time before you submit it, simply by closing the browser page. However, once you have submitted the survey we are not able to remove your responses.

What happens to the information? All your information and personal opinions will be treated as confidential. The resulting data will be stored securely on a password-protected UWE computer.

No one, apart from the researcher (Oliver Haslam), will see the raw data received. During analysis, the results will be anonymised and any work disseminated, published or communicated subsequently will also be anonymous. If you choose to supply your email address (to volunteer to participate in a focus group), it will be stored in a separate file and not linked to your survey data.

What will happen to the results of the study? A written report for the Faculty will be made available to all FET staff. Results may also be disseminated at conferences and through publications. No one will be able to identify you from any presentation or publication. The study and subsequent report may also be publicised through social media and be made available on the Learning Innovation Unit’s website:

Contact for further information. For further information about the study, please contact Oliver Haslam:
Email –
Phone – 0117 32 88215
In person – 3Q64 Frenchay Campus.


TEL Survey

  • I agree to take part in a survey for the above study.
  • I confirm that I have read and understood the Participant Information above for this study.
  • I have had the opportunity to consider the information, ask questions and have had these answered satisfactorily.
  • I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw from the survey before it is submitted by closing the browser window.
  • I understand that once I submit the survey it will not be possible to remove my responses from the study.
  • I understand that by clicking ‘Next’ below, I consent to taking part in this study.