Day 8 – Colour Contrast Checker: useful for documents, not your Christmas jumper

You may have heard about the importance of contrast when it comes to the accessibility of your learning resources. This is one of the issues that Blackboard Ally is likely to flag up on our Blackboard module sites.

Why is the contrast between background and text important?

Insufficient contrast between the background and text on a website can make it difficult to read for most people, as it can cause eye strain. But it is particularly problematic for people with eyesight problems.

How to fix

Blackboard Ally suggests using the Colour Contrast Analyser from The Paciello Group, but we find it is easier to use the colour Contrast Checker on the WebAim (web accessibility in mind) website. There is also a Link Contrast Checker on the website too.

It might also help you with your Christmas dress code!