The Collaborate Assessment Tool

With various types of assessments having to be moved online, Learning Systems at UWE have created a tool to support the secure remote recording of assessment activities which would usually have taken place face to face, such as group presentations or role play scenarios. This tool can also be used to record vivas and other oral exams.

The one requirement for using this tool is that the instructor has to be present in order to record the session. Student-led recordings need to either take place in Panopto (individual recorded presentations), or in the Blackboard Group Collaborate sessions (group assignments).

How does it work in a nutshell?

A member of the teaching team can set up secure Collaborate rooms for either individuals or groups of students. Students can either be notified by email, or the lecturer can set up a link in the module site menu, allowing students to navigate to the room themselves. Students can only see and enter sessions they have been set up to access.

Each session will need to have a member of staff leading the session, as a ‘moderator’. All students access the sessions as ‘participants’ and should they need to upload a presentation or screenshare, the ‘moderator’ will need to change their default role in the live session. The ‘moderator’ also needs to start and stop the recording.

The recordings can be made available to the student or students, or hidden completely from all students. It is also possible to permit students to download their recording, if required.

The LIU have created a playlist of short videos with guidance, to supplement the Collaborate Student Assessments pages on the intranet. There is also a video for the Collaborate Assessment Workflow for Students.

The videos cover the following areas:

How to create a session
Transcript: How to create a session (1)

How do students access a session
Transcript: How do students access a session (2)

How to edit a session
Transcript: How to edit a session (3)

Searching, sorting and filtering
Transcript: Searching, sorting and filtering (4)

Joining and running a session
Transcript: Joining and running a session (5)

Transcript: Recordings (6)